Technical Specifications


Charter Hall features a full range PA system, controlled from the Upper Gallery situated at high level to the rear of the hall. The system provides clear coverage across the hall in front of the stage.

A mixer with 16 inputs is situated in the upper gallery, along with CD Minidisc playback, an effects unit allowing effects such as delay and reverb to be added mics, etc. 3 radio mics are available (2 handheld and 1 lapel), along with a lectern mic.

Subject to having the correct technicians available.

Additional power for any extra equipment brought in is available backstage left.

Equipment needs to be agreed in advance.


A modular stage system, allowing various configurations to be made. 47 pieces 8′ x 4′ comprise the bulk of the stage, 9 of which are used to create the rear recessed area. These as standard have 1115mm legs but legs are available to change the finished height to 1ft, 2ft & 3ft as standard (limited quantities). There are also custom legs to allow the create of a DDA compliant ramp to the 1115mm height stage.

The stage has black drapes at the back, with additional drapes to the side of the stage to the side walls of the hall. There are two sets of drapes each side of the stage situated on rails to allow them to be pulled forward to be level with the front of stage if required. Standalone frames are also available. 12 stage weights are also available for use.

Front opening drapes can be added approximately 16′ upstage of recessed stage area. Note these can only be on this line and will limit the width of visible stage to approximately 32′.

Equipment needs to be agreed in advance.


Charter Hall contains 36 lights suitable for creating a stage wash, 8 spot lights and 40 that create unfocused pool of light, all of which can be coloured to suit.

There is a fully programmable controller located in the Upper Gallery, along with additional power located backstage right for any additional lighting you wish to bring in. 2 followspots are also located in the Upper Gallery. House lighting is also connected to the lighting system.

A haze machine is available for use, creating a light mist for lighting beams to show up in without creating clouds of smoke.

Equipment needs to be agreed in advance.

Video Projection

There is a large video projection system fitted to the hall, with a 11’6″ wide projection screen on the back truss at the rear of stage.

Video signal can be sent from either the stage or from the Upper Gallery, with a switcher located in the upper gallery, allowing you to change the image shown from a DVD to a laptop, or any other piece of equipment outputting video.

Up to 3 devices can be connected, two of which must have a VGA (computer type) connection.

No HDMI connection available.

Equipment needs to be agreed in advance.