Event Application Form

Event Application Form

    Section One - Organiser Details

    Section Two - Event Details

    Have you organised this event previously?

    Access time for set up?

    Start time (open to public)

    Finish time (closed to public)

    Time venue will be vacated after the event

    Is the event free?

    Will you be selling programmes?

    Note: The council reserves the right to remove any unauthorised advertising and to recover the cost incurred from the event organiser

    Do you intend to utilise or permit any of the following attractions at the event? If so, please complete the section below and provide further details).

    Motor vehicles?
    Inflatables? e.g bouncy castle
    Portable staging P.A. System?
    Stewarding/security Cloakroom?
    Rigging of additional loads Scenery? Overhead rigging?
    Children performing on stage?

    (1) Please supply as much information as possible on all of the items above.
    (2) After this application has been submitted, no additional items may be included without the express consent of the appropriate department.

    Other points for consideration
    • Litter-picking during the event and waste disposal post event.
    • Colchester Leisure World provides all food and beverage provisions for the Charter Hall event programme. The service can be tailored to suit specific event requirements.
    • Dates provisionally held are not confirmed until a signed hire agreement has been obtained and should not be promoted until such time.
    • It is considered the responsibility of the organiser to provide any and all event specific provisions in addition to the venue facilities to meet the requirements of the Disabilities Discriminations Act 2005.

    Will you be requiring free car parking spaces? (A fee may be chargeable in certain circumstances).

    Section Three - Insurance

    • Event Organisers are required to hold a current policy of Insurance in respect of Public Liability or Third Party risks (including products liability where appropriate). The relevant limit of indemnity shall be an amount approved by the council’s Risk and Insurance Section and Legal Section. Under no circumstances shall this be less than £5 million and the council reserves the right to require a higher limit if deemed necessary.
    I hold a current policy of insurance
    • Organisers will be required to produce evidence of their insurance cover together with that of any exhibitor, band/dance group, sub-contractor, caterer etc. whom they have instructed/authorised to appear at the event.
    Note: All documentation must be produced at least 28 days before the Event. Failure to comply may result in the council refusing to grant permission for the holding of the event.
    I have evidence of insurance

    Section Four – Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

    • You will be required to complete a event and fire risk assessment for your event to identify possible dangers and indicate relevant avoidance measures and include all and any emergency and first aid provisions in conjunction with the venue.