These orienteering events are specifically aimed to introduce children and their parents to the sport of orienteering. Parents and younger children are encouraged to give it a go!

Each competitor will locate as many controls in the time allowed (30 minutes) by deciding the quickest route. Points will be awarded for each control successfully located but points will be deducted for each minute over. Badges will be awarded at the end of the series for the total number of controls successfully located by each competitor.


Course registration is open from 1pm to 2.30pm based near to the park café but look out for the green SOS orienteering banner.

Competitors will need to complete a registration form. They will receive a map with the course printed on it and an electronic timing chip. All children will need to bring a watch. Parents can talk through the course and can shadow (follow) inexperienced competitors around the course but please let children navigate for themselves. Help provided from orienteering coaches before you begin.

Junior Mini Orienteering Series
Castle Park, High Street,Colchester,Essex-CO1 1WG
Starting on
21S July 2018
Ending on
21S July 2018
Junior mini orienteering series

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